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Howdy Ammo Nerds!!!

Thank you for coming to our website to look around! This has been a project in the making for some time now, and we look forward to turning this into a great site for all who want to share and learn information on the history of ammunition.

We are a collector oriented website, so we have a page with collectible ammo for sale, but we also want to educate collectors as much as possible on the history and development of ammunition. To help get as much information out in front of collectors as possible, we have a variety of resources for you.

On our pages you will find multiple sections addressing a variety of interests –


This is a hobby which often leads to “DUP’s”… duplicates of the same cartridge in one’s collection. If I have more than one of a specific cartridge, I make the extras available to other collectors. Sometimes I find a great specimen in a huge collection of cartridges that I do not collect – but I may know someone who does – another Ammo Nerd. I am then in the un-enviable position of having to lay out a large dollar sum to purchase the entire lot, just so I can have the one cool cartridge I want. To get the extra cartridges in the hands of an Ammo Nerd who will love and appreciate them, I offer them for sale here. This way, we all win!!!


Each month we will feature pictures and a description of a really cool/historically valuable cartridge


This is a legal Latin term which literally means “friend of the court”. An amicus curiae may offer briefs and information to the court as a way of clarifying or offering perspective on an issue. Here, we encourage “amici” to provide information for the good of the pursuit about our common interest – ammunition.


Ammo Nerd is certainly not the first website to advance the study of ammunition. We have our own unique tastes, and a decidedly nerdy approach (which we hope you will come to enjoy), but we want you to see all of the other wonderful ammunition-related websites out there as well. In this section we will list websites, books, pamphlets, magazines, clubs, and a host of other resources to help you get to what you need on your quest for knowledge about ammo!!!

Find out about us – the Original Ammo Nerds – on our page.

We hope you enjoy our website, and we hope you become Ammo Nerds like us. It free, its fun, and if you have to be a nerd, why not be a nerd about something that goes BANG!!! Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!


Howdy. My name is Brandon Luter, the Original Ammo Nerd, and I live in Lewisville, Texas (just outside of Dallas). I have been an Ammo Nerd for many years now, and I figured it is high time I started a website to get the word to the rest of the Ammo Nerds out there so we can share our love of the field. I love to meet new people and I love to talk ammo, so if you just want to have a chat, give me a call. If you are in Dallas, or ever plan on visiting Dallas, let’s meet up in person. We can all learn so much from what others have to talk about.

Years ago I met Robert Newman, the other Original Ammo Nerd, at a gun show in Dallas, where he had a table of nothing but ammunition. What a guy!!! Aside from being an honest, Christian, just plain ole’ nice guy to talk to, I noticed that he was not your everyday ammo dealer. He was just as interested in collectible ammunition as I was. We started travelling together to the SLICS Ammunition Convention in St. Louis, Missouri each year, and it was on the road trip back from SLICS a few years ago that the inspiration for struck!!! Robert was driving, and I was on the phone with my lovely wife, April, who was checking on our travel status and seeing how much longer it would take before we got home. (She is the sweetest woman in the world, and we don’t like to be apart for long!) I told her that we were not far out from Dallas, and that I would only have to play Ammo Nerd for a few more hours… Robert began to laugh having overheard my comment, and the rest is history…

So, why ammunition? Why not guns or knives like everybody else at gun shows? We and our fellow Ammo Nerds hear this quite often. Perhaps I can best answer this question by asking another question: What do the following all have in common – the Ruger Ranch Rifle, the Colt AR-15, the Ruger #1, the Handi Rifle, the Remington model 700, and the Winchester model 70? Answer: these rifles (and a whole host of rifles too numerous to list here) can all be chambered in .223 Remington. They, in all of their various manifestations, are all merely delivery systems for the same cartridge! It was not until ammunition development arrived at this basic, centerfire, Boxer primed, brass, reloadable case design that we were to have a cartridge which was perfect for our needs as a shooting community. The trials and experiments that led to this design are too important to let them fade into obscurity in the past. Observing the various attempts experimenters made to arrive at the “modern” ammunition we shoot today is literally a blueprint of human ingenuity!!!

My areas of interest are early and transitional cartridges from the United States between the 1840’s and the 1870’s, and U.S. Rimfire cartridges. My area of special interest is in U.S. Rimfire blank cartridges, both singles and boxes. If you have any early Rimfire blank boxes by any American maker that you want to sell, give me a call.

Robert is more of a modern ammo man. In truth, he is sort of a one-stop-shop for all things ammo other than the really early stuff. Sporting gun cartridges, he’s got’em. WWI and WWII military ammo, no sweat. Rare headstamps on otherwise common cartridges, he’s got you covered. If it is a commemorative box, dummy round, artillery piece, inert bomb, blank, dumb-dumb grenade, rifle, pistol, or shotshell round…look no further. He may have to dig a while, (when you have as much as he does, can you blame him?) but eventually, he will come up like a gopher, wagging his tail with the exact round you are after in his mouth…O.K., in his hand, but you get the point. And by the way, if you ever want to see an Ammo Nerd in rare form, show him a cool .22 box – Robert is an avid .22 Rimfire box collector and a knowledgeable man on them if you have questions.

We really hope you enjoy this website because it has been a hoot to create it! Robert and I want to make collecting ammunition fun and exciting for generations to come, and we hope to one day meet all of you present and future Ammo Nerds in person! Cheers!!!